Matchmaking (mis)Adventures

Hi guys! If there's one thing about me,  it is that I love reading,listening to, hearing and watching love stories. Before you know it i am smiling sheepishly , giggling to myself and day dreaming. Cough.

A blogger Atilola, shared on her blog that she was getting married and decided to share the journey with us via a series of posts. The most intriguing thing about the whole thing is that she was introduced to her fiancé by another blogger and her husband who was friends with him. 
And this made me remember the numerous times I have been match made by friends, colleagues, even pastors.

Yes! Pastors sometimes too try to link you up with men they think are suitable for you. Lol. Apparently a little marriage push in the direction of that brother or sister who they think is eligible isn't amiss.

I remember the time my female pastor called me some years back. At that point, i think I was either
serving my fatherland ( in my country there's this thing all graduates have to do called NYSC where you serve your fatherland for one year) or looking for a job. I can't be too sure but I remember the excitement and happiness in her voice.

Now this woman and I are very close. Her husband and her co pastored the church I attended sporadically when I was in the University ( yes! Sporadically! I wasn't actually genuinely born again then so church was least in my list of favorite activities).
We go way back. She's like a mother to me and my mother jokes that they will wear the same attire the day I get married. 

She's like "S2C! I have a surprise for you"
In my mind I am like "surprise ke?What kind of surprise could she have for me? "
We lived far from each other. So it wasn't like she could show up or something.

She finally told me she wanted me to meet someone's brother who lived in the same city like I did,
and who was looking to get married.
It was like she thought I had hit the matchmaking jackpot or something.

In my mind I was like okay? I wasn't too enthused because I didn't ask her to do that. Lol.
But I didn't tell her that, she sent me his number or he called me or something but we spoke and finally he arranged to come over to my house.

The d- day came, and those days, i was all about the make up, clothes and hair. 
If I had a date, I could spend ages preening and fussing about how I looked.
He knocked my door or probably called my line that he was at the gate, and I decided I needed a
vantage point to assess him. For some reason, I wanted to peep at him from a window before he saw me ( the best window in my house to do spying activities like this is my dad's room which is close to
the gate) firstly to be at an advantage and assess him before he had a chance to assess him, and to be
able to arrange my poker face and compose myself properly if I didn't like what I saw.

So I sent my younger family friend who was staying with us to open the gate for him, while I ran to my dad's room to peep. My dad was still in the UK then I case you were wondering where he was while I was peeping.
Apparently that singular action of not coming down to open the gate personally for him killed our love before it even began. Lol.

Of course ! I wasn't to know that at the time. So I continued my peeping blissfully.
I was disappointed. He was tall, but starting to bald. Don't forget I peeped from upstairs so there's no hiding hair status from up there. Lol. He had a broad face. Not the kind I liked at all.

Chai! He was already inside the compound and on his way to the living room so I went to join him.
I can't really remember what we spoke about but we must have made small talk.
I remember he had this annoying habit of saying " Cheers! ". 
I already knew this wasn't going anywhere and he too must have known same. 

We said our goodbyes. It wasn't until later  I learnt that the reason why I didn't hear from him again was becasuse I didn't open the gate for him personally.
We didn't see  again until one time we met at retreat organised by the pastor. And I ignored him after greeting him.
I later learnt he got married to someone who I presume opened the gate for him herself . Lol. 
End of story.

Now one would think that would be the end of matchmaking for me but No!
There was this time a colleague tried to matchmake me with his wife's brother.

He was cute and had a great job. But the first time we met, he was about to leave, so I told him I
wanted to go to my grandmothers house which was like between five and ten minutes away by car. I got into his car so he could drop me off.
Then it started to rain, and he dropped me along the road. In the rain.
Let's just say that was where it ended.

Another time,a colleague at work tried to match make me with a couple of his friends.
The first one seemed to be eligible. Then we started talking, and I told him my dad was a Muslim.
Next thing he would say was that he didn't want to risk not getting married in a church or something like that.
Can you imagine? We hadn't even started dating yet, and he had already come to a conclusion .It's not as if I told him I wasn't getting married in a church oh. He just took it on himself to assume.
And me I cannot beg anybody.  Shikena.

Then one time, my friend tried to matchmake me to her brother.

That did not end well. At all.
Which is ironic because he begged her for years to introduce us, which she refused until one day he stole my number from her phone. she decided to support him and put in a good word for him.
Sounds romantic yeah! But he lived in the clouds, was totally unserious and was hung up on his ex.
One thing I can't do is ex drama.
And we fought a lot too.
My poor friend was always settling fight. Lol.
I am sure she regretted talking to me about her brother.
The next time she called to say " I have a friend who I think will be good for you", I was like 'eeeeeeeeehm no thanks'.
We were lucky to still be friends after all the stunts her brother pulled. I didn't think we would survive another.

I still have a couple more, but I don't want to crowd this post.
But let's talk. What do you think about matchmaking in general. Some people are of the view that it isn't godly. But I feel God can put the idea to link two people up into another persons mind.
Besides God works in mysterious ways.
Have you ever been matchmade?I want to hear gist.

What do you think of matchmaking in general.
One of my fears about I may keep wondering if the the one party would have been attracted to the other on a normal day.
Say I was walking down the street, or we met at a party or just met on a neutral basis, Would he like me enough to ask me out.
There's such a scenario involving me right now, and while the guy says he is definitely interested. But because one of my pastors is involved, I can't help wondering who put what into whose head.
Let's see what happens.
Till next time.

FYI.......I wanna hear your opinion, your views and your stories.
Comment, comment and comment.

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