God honours vows

  1. 1
    a solemn promise.
    synonyms:oathpledgepromisebondcovenantcommitment, avowal, professionaffirmation, attestation, assuranceguarantee

Lol. I feel like a school teacher. 
Anyway to vow to God is to make a solem promise to, or covenant with God to undertake a certain act or commitment if God answers a certain prayer. 

Let me tell you a story about the time I vowed.

Some years back, I was very frustrated. Life seemed very hard, I was struggling both physically and spiritually. The kind of dreams I had then were the type that can make a person go into depression or drive one crazy.
They were that bad.
I had prayed and prayed, abstained, fasted and prayed, attended all sorts of Christian programmes all in a bid for some breakthrough.

Eventually one day I had an encounter with God, God had mercy and told me to change my church. Because I needed to get to know him better.
I dedicated my life to Christ, and then changed my church. Things got better. At least spiritually, which is the most Important thing.
But I was still jobless. After years of graduating one of the best in my class.
So I continued praying and praying. 

Then one day, I attended a programme and something told me this was it.
I prayed fervently that day in June 2012 and cried to God, and made a vow to God,if he could answer my prayers.
I had made some small small vows occasionally before then, and if God kept his side of the bargain, I always did mine. Some weren't big deals, some revolved around coming back to testify and stuff like that.

But this was different.
You know why?
Very big promise I made, although it seemed to be no big deal then.

During that programme, the Word of God came that my job was sorted. 
The Amen I said may not have been loud, but I still claimed it.

Less than a month after that programme, I got my job, and it's what you can call a life changing job.

 I have never known lack since I got that job, and I became financially independent, able to help my parents and siblings with most of the stuff they needed.
Same job that people still accuse me " who do/ did you know" and don't believe me when I say 'Nobody. It was God.'

Over the years, I have had cause to ruminate on that vow especially when it wasn't convenient for me, and I started wondering " who sent me message " lol, you know how it can be after you get what you want, and God let me know that he was waiting for me to make a vow that would jump start his own actions.
You see! The vow I made concerned something other than myself. It would task me both physically, financially and mentally. It also wasn't a one off thing. It was continuous. But despite it all, I never let 
 myself forget that I made a vow. I am sure that God needed somebody he was certain would keep that vow.

Every vow I made concerning that job, I kept it. I mean I wasn't forced to so how could I suddenly develop memory loss. I remember that I had made a earlier vow months earlier concerning salary and testifying in the Abuja branch of my church then when things went awry at the interview stage then.
I made sure I fulfilled that too when the job came through. This was in addition to the main life changing vow.

I had to work in tandem with God's purpose to get my testimony. 
How about you?
What is your situation?

What do you need to promise God that will make him release some things to you.

Note that this is not a tit for tat thing. 

God is capable of releasing earth shaking testimonies for you without you doing anything.
But sometimes, vows can move God to release your blessing early.

Look at Hannah. That was not her first year of being barren.
Nor was that her first time of visiting Shiloh.
But that year, she made a VOW. she went into partnership with God.
Let's look at 1st Samuel 1:11

1She made a vow and said, "O LORD of hosts, if You will indeed look on the affliction of Your maidservant and remember me, and not forget Your maidservant, but will give Your maidservant a son, then I will give him to the LORD all the days of his life, and a razor shall never come on his head."

She asked for a son. And she got one.
Now note that it was the day and hour of Hannah's vow that God conceived the plan of sending 
Samuel to her as her son.
God had that plan covered. He was basically waiting for Hannah to fulfill her part.

God had that plan of sending Samuel for the Israelites. 
Remember that Samuel was an important prophet. He took over from Eli, as a child He heard God's voice. He annointed Saul and David. 

God just needed Hannah to promise that if he gives her a child, that she will release him back to him. God knew she would keep her promise ( which she did after Samuel was weaned and got Five more children.)
God was waiting for her at Shiloh. He just needed her to promise that she will give the child back to him because he needed that child. 
It is possible that if Hannah hadn't made that vow, she may never have conceived the notion of Samuel training as a priest.

Now imagine if she did not Make that vow..
 Her co wife would have continued to mock her and call her names.
She may have died barren and happy. Unfulfilled and dispirited. 
Hannah would not have known that the solution lay within her.

Imagine if she did not keep her promise.
Samuel's destiny would have been truncated. 
And Hannah would not have birthed five more children.
Beloved, God loved it when we keep our promises.

Apart from Hannah, Jacob made a vow to God in Genesis 28:20-22 to give a tenth to God if he could do some things for him.
Vows are not to made frivolously. If Satan takes vows made to him and his idols seriously, how much 
more our God and our creator. 
You have to make a vow with the intention of keeping it regardless of whether it's convenient or not. 

Look at Jephthah in Judges 11:30 -31.
He made a vow to offer the first person to come meet him from battle if God will help him defeat the Children of Ammon.

Guess who was that person?
His daughter. Chai! I can imagine his anguish and sorrow.
But he still kept that vow.

It is better not to make a vow than to make one that you cannot keep oh. Because, believe me it is so easy to promise the world when you are desperate. At that point one cannot really envisage how big a promise one is making and its impact later on. 
May God help us all.

Has this post blessed you? Or given you something to think about? 
Do comment and let me know.
Pretty please. 

P.s. I wrote this post ages ago, but it seems kind of too personal. So I kept staring at its do postponing publishing it.
Until today Sunday,  the pastor who ministered made a specific remark " God is waiting for you to go into partnership with him" and he made reference to Hannah, who needed a child, and God needed a new prophet to anoint the Kings.One not from the priestly bloodline.
I was like i wrote something of that nature. 


  1. Great testimony STC! God never ceases to blow our minds but it is not for us to boast and get self absorbed. He requires us to sacrificially give back in time, talent and resources. When God blesses us our running over should be a blessing to others and most importantly to remember to keep our eyes on God and keep humble.

    1. Thanks, and you are right dearie. It is not for us to boast or get self absorbed. I believe that God blesses us so that we can bless others. A lot of people seem to forget that fact and get big headed, some even forget their God, who made it possible in the first place.
      God help us all.

  2. Love this post.
    I had to make a vow on something recently.. not to give cash even but to use what I was asking for for God's purposes and not my own.

    It came after a study on our ladies group on Hannah.
    Link is below, you will love it.


    Thanks for this S2C

    God help you to keep your vows..not to have amnesia when the promise is fulfilled in Jesus name,amen

    1. Thanks dearest Frances.
      Amen.Amen and Amen.
      Checked out the post. Awesome. You totally get it.


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