Now! Your first reaction to the above question might probably be NO! Lol.
After all, you may be the shy or busy or discreet type. Or even a melancholic person like me who is okay in her own company.
But you know what, it's entirely possible to be all of these things and still talk a little too much.
Even I didn't know too that I talked too much until earlier this year when the Holy Spirit started imprinting on me the need to be circumspect and talk less.
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So how to know if you are talking too much? Let's delve in.

1) When you disclose your dreams to everybody.
Do you know that dreams are God's way of communicating with you? And that your good dreams are not for the ears of everyone. So think twice before you reveal your " Joseph" dream randomly.
Your "Joseph" dream is that dream from God about his plans for your life and for your future. Telling the wrong person about your Joseph dream can be fatal.
Even your future hopes, dreams, and aspirations aren't left out.
Why not work and pray so that those dreams actually come to pass first of all before you tell everyone else.
(This is not to say we can't talk about our literal and figurative dreams, but watch who you tell).

If you are the type who thinks nothing of telling others what was told to you in confidence, then you talk too much.
A while back, I used to do this thing where, if it wasn't specifically labelled "secret" I used to feel I could tell everyone else but of course that wasn't too good.
Basically, even if the person didn't tell you to keep it secret, the standard is-
Was that information supposed to get out?
Will the person feel good knowing you told someone else?
And even if the person won't mind, or if it's something irrelevant which doesn't seem a big deal to you but he/ she told you to make it a secret, then you owe the person a duty to make it so.

3) You reveal other people's secret by mistake.
The thing about talking too much is that you can get over excited or emotional and let slip stuff you shouldn't have revealed.
If you go "oooooops! I shouldn't have said that "almost every time then you are talking too much.
Some people sworn to secrecy about pregnacies, baby gender, surprise parties, diseases, secret marriages etc reveal such by mistake.
The thing is no one is going to believe that it was by mistake. You could be accused of deliberate sabotage.

4) You spend a lot of time apologizing to people who are hurt by what you said. Now this isn't so much about the quantity of words you say per day but about the quality.
If you are the type whose words cut like a knife, or have a caustic mouth, or whose jokes always fall flat or leads to tears, then please stop. You are talking too much.

5) People don't like telling you secrets or talking in your presence and when they do, they warn you seriously not to reveal to anybody else. If people have to warn or beg ( as opposed to just telling) you not to reveal their secrets or tell a particular person , then there's every chance that they know or think you are a blabber mouth.

 Nothing is sacrosanct. Every aspect of your life is an open book to everybody:Including your sex life, why you dislike your mother in law,  gifts your wife or hubby gave you, what you had for dinner, the amount of tithe you pay, your dating list, etc. Sure! It's good to open up in some certain situations to your nearest and dearest and  fellow Christians. 
 But in an instance where your work colleagues and even your gateman plus the woman selling roasted fish Down the street and unbelievers know the number of times you and your husband sleep together or even when the next round is, then you are talking too much.

7)People keep quiet when you enter the room.
If this happens to you on a regular basis. They were either talking about you or saying something they don't want you to hear so you don't put them in trouble. 

8) You are often the last to be let in on a secret . If you are often the last person to hear something in your family or class or workplace, then it's very possible that you have betrayed confidence in the past and no one wants to let you know anything.

10) If you never have anything good to say about others, especially behind their backs.n

I think that a great way to talk less is to spend more time talking than listening.
Remember the Bible tells us in Proverbs Chapter 10 vs 19 that "Too much talk leads to sin. Be sensible and keep your mouth shut". 

James 1:19 says "And dear brothers and sisters: You must all be quick to listen, slow to speak, and slow to get angry".

What do you think? 
Do any of the above points resonate with you?
Do you agree?
Have you ever had any experience with talking too much or encountered someone who does?
Let's hear from you.


  1. Well written, dear.
    Lol at reveal people's secret by mistake. Scripture says in the multitude of words, sin is not lacking. So it is important to know when to stop talking so we don't go overboard with it.
    Can this daughter of Zion work more on promoting this blog of hers??
    Have a blessed weekend!

    1. My dear! It's so easy to reveal stuff by mistake.
      Knowing when to zip it is indeed key.
      Lol. Yeah! I really should. Thanks. Wish you same.

  2. By mistake?
    Mistakes can be averted through christ

    1. Thanks for commenting Ayo.
      I get your point but you know we are only human. It's very possible to let slip something out of our mouth by mistake out of carelessness , over sharing or too much enthusiasm.


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