Ten reasons why you should date and marry a Christian

Dating or courting as a Christian is interesting.

One would think there would be no drama, but alas! The reverse is the case.
And by dating, i don't mean dating casually and having sex like the world. I mean being clearly led by God to someone else with the intention of marrying them.

Before I became born again, my spec ( specifications) as regards the guys I dated were simple.
He has to be Fine, fine, and fine ( don't blame me, who no like better thing ) with something upstairs (as in intelligent) a bit older , a little of a bad boy, and I had to feel attracted to him.
As you can imagine, that list was a recipe for disaster, even if I do have lots of ehm......interesting stories to tell from some of them.
Moving on...... Lol.

I found Christ, and of course I grew older and suddenly what I found attractive wasn't necessarily the face or physique any longer, nor was it his intelligence or educational qualifications or what he did but someone who was genuinely rooted in Christ and a man after God's own heart. Shikena.
Now, this doesn't mean that my former specs suddenly disappeared oh, after all who no like better thing. Lol. But the latter specifications ranked higher in importance.

There is a certain joy to be found in dating/marrying a Christian. A good and genuine christian. 
And believe me they exist.
As much as the world wants you to think that everybody cheats at one point or another or cannot abstain from sex, or that it is impossible to be Christian and hip, it is a lie.
There exists handsome and beautiful, (both in an out) well educated or at least intelligent, men and women, with good jobs or prospects, solid morals, deeply rooted in Christ. It is a lie from the pit of hell that Christians are boring and are no fun.

So here are ten reasons why we should all date, court,or marry christians. 
1) You don't have to introduce Jesus to him or her because they know him already.
2) You can read and study the Bible together.

3) They understand spiritual warfare.You know that mysterious illness that won't abate, or that dream about being chased by armed assassins and lions or being covered in blood from head to toe, They understand. Someone who isn't a Christian will probably tell you that its your imagination or the Animal planet you watched the night before. lol.
4)You get peace of mind. You know they aren't double dating or cheating on you or stealing from you. They do not lie. Even little white ones.  Believe me when i say it is very tiring dating or courting an unbeliever.  

5)You are on the same page. Both emotionally and spiritually. He/she  isn't pressuring you to sleep with you so that he can test you. are you a car? lol.If he/she isn't a christian, You just are not on the same page.You are thinking of heaven, he/she is thinking porn, you are thinking of working for God, he/she is thinking of hustling. He thinks speaking in tongues is fake and that miracles do not exist.  

6)You have God as your father in law.  Sure, God is your father. So you get double portion. But (As Dr D.K Olukoya will tell you) the moment you marry someone who isn't a child of God, then you automatically have Satan as your father in law. 
 Let me tell you something, Satan does not play. And he hates God's children.
7) He/She loves God. And that is the key reason why you have peace of mind, you know that he/she loves God so much and they obey his commandments. They wont cheat not because they aren't tempted but because they don't want to disobey their father.
8) They have a conscience. Or should i say their conscience works actively because i want to believe that everyone was born with a conscience. If per chance they do wrong you or get tempted to stray, they will confess to you. Because the Holy Spirit will not allow them to rest, and they will feel guilty.
9) They understand why you are a virgin/abstaining/ celibate because they also are too.
Any good christian know that God frowns against pre marital sex.
10) They exercise tremendous self control in all areas of their lives. They can control their bodies, tongues, tempers.They wont slap you because you spoke sharply, nor verbally tongue-lash you and denigrate your self confidence. I mean, they may want to, but they wont. And isn't that the most important thing?.
Bonus points (cos i am so nice)
 When you eventually get married, you get to bring up your kids in the way of the Lord together. You get to pray together as a family. Believe me when you have a muslim dad like i have (albeit a very liberal one) you realize that there are still things we can't do together as a family because he isn't a Christian. ( And yes we are praying for his soul).

And finally, CHRISTIANS ROCK. I rest my case.

The only reason why so many so called Christian unions have issues is because one or two of the parties were never genuine Christians. So many people, even pastors forget the basic humility, love, truthfulness, forgiveness and tolerance that Christ preached and aim for grandiose show of religion and power.
Believe me, you cannot go wrong with any person anyone who exemplifies the life of Christ.

So before you date or marry that Christian, why not ensure that they are genuinely born again.

Watch out for my later post on unchristian Christians, or christian frogs as i like to call them. In this my born again journey ehn, I have met quite a few. And if not for the discernment of the Holy Spirit, i may have fallen.

What other fabulous reasons can you think of? pls add them when you comment below. I would love to read them, and so would others.


  1. I remember a friend asking me if she could marry any 'Christian' I had to tell her nooo. lol. There are different kinds of people even in the body of Christ and so the ultimate is to marry someone who has deep passion for Christ, that God can look at him and be pleased, someone that doesn't choke out the God in you but makes it bloom. You'll be suprised that there are some Christians that after hanging out with them, you'll be like??? What did I even gain in this conversation or friendship? So imagine settling with that kind of person for a lifetime. That's where God comes in. To lead us in making the right decision. There's also something God has taught me and is still teaching me and I'm becoming familiar with. The more you grow in God, the more you are intimate with Him, the more you can't even find yourself settling for less. It will even be impossible because doing so will be like cheating on God. Joining yourself to someone that isn't one with God is just a no-no and if he can't even be a loyal/faithful lover to God, how can he love you or anyone right? If he hasn't or isn't learning the 1Cor13 kind of love, how can he love you?
    It is well.
    I pray we will come to realise that even our marriages and relationships are meant to glorify God, nothing less than that, for we were created for His pleasure.
    Much love. xo!
    Oh and btw, I wrote a similar blog post here:http://myglowingscenes.com/girl-meets-god-then-meets-boy/

    1. I agree to alll your points Itunu.
      Welcome. Thank you for your valid comments. I can't even find what to add to it again.lol.
      You have made valid points on the importance of God leading you, and marrying the right kind of Christian.
      You will notice my second to last paragraph was about ' unchristian Christians' or Christian frogs. People who are called Christians but don't have one shed of Christ like behavior in them.
      They don't even know God on a personal level.
      Some know the God their pastor taught them.I say no human can teach another human about God satisfactorily. You have to experience him yourself. Be intimate with him.Only then can one move in the realm of the supernatural. Only then can the spirit man know what God intended marriage to be, and the kind of union or spouse one ought to have.
      I will be sure to come by and read the post asap.


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