Proud to be called "old fashioned"

Some days back, I was doing my blog rounds.
 Wait! Did you think it was only Doctors and nurses that did rounds. You were wrong, my friend. Yours truly has her list of  blogs she ehm....passes through every day. Much like a doctor, I read, I check, observe any new changes, look through previous notes  posts, observe, analyse and finally make recommendations comments.

I finish with one patient blog and then go over to the next.

No wonder I am so tired when I eventually finish my blog rounds. Lol. Someone should pay me.
Anyway,I digress. What I meant to say is that I was on Precious's blog and I came across this post written by her husband on being called "old fashioned" because he wanted to bring up his children to take responsibility, know the consequences of disobedience, avoid laziness and respecting their elders.

And that word " old fashioned" struck me because I have been called names before.  I am sure some of us know the kind of names I am talking about.
Names meant to mock and disparage whatever point you are trying to make or your lifestyle.
Names that make you feel like an outsider rather than an insider. And believe it or not I have once been asked if I was Jesus or the Blood that was shed. Lol. I still don't understand that question. My colleague was irate at the time sha so that probably explains it. I don't know how Jesus take enter our argument. Lol. I digress again. Forgive me.

I remember a fellow lawyer, a man who was in in sixties or even older, very much married, told me I was not current or I was old fashioned( I have forgotten the exact phrase) just because I politely kept putting him in his place every time he tried to suggest that he wanted to take me out, or ask when I was free for lunch etc. He wanted to have an affair with me, and that so wasn't gonna happen.
His demeanor towards me therefore ranged from angry to kind to pissed to irritated.
It didn't help matters that we were on a case together, he was one of the Defence counsels, so I couldn't very well avoid him. Thankfully, he won his clients no case submission ( which basically means that his client has no case to answer so she was let off while the other accused persons  continued with the trial) so I got to see him less. 

I have noticed that we Christians are sometimes so afraid of been called old fashioned that we eschew our biblical principles just to be called hip and current. Just to prove that we are modern.
And the question is why we do we have to conform to the world instead of been transformed as the Bible counsels.
 Why do we have to apologize and be called names because we are not toeing the way of the world?
Why do I have to apologize for not sleeping  around? Or for wanting to abstain from sex till I marry?
Why does Mr N have to apologize for wanting to bring up his kids in a godly manner?

The world is never going to come around to the Christian way of values.
Celibacy, abstinence, dressing modestly, tithing, turning the other cheek, basically obeying God is
NEVER going to be the popular choice.
We should therefore not be afraid to stand out from the crowd, to think differently, to hold steadfastly to our values irrespective of the derogatory taunts of the majority.

The world may not understand your need to keep your body till marriage.
Nor the need to please and obey God the father?
Or the fact you don't need to be naked and expose your body to attract the opposite sex?
How can they comprehend the sanctity of marriage vows?
The mystery of biblical giving and tithing ? Or that you don't need to steal and lie before you make it in life?

No Christian should mind being called old fashioned.
If being called old fashioned means adhering to what my father (God) wants. I don't mind.
Call me whatever you like.

If my father in heaven is happy with me then I don't give a hoot . ( ok, it may pain me small after all I am only human) but I eventually focus on what's important.



  1. Oh I can totally relate! I saw your comment on Precious core and decided to visit, I am happy I did! I really don't mind being called old fashioned if being current will translate compromise! Thanks for bringing that point home

  2. Thanks for coming by. God bless you.
    And I agree with you. Compromising should be out of the question. The irony is that when you compromise and things go wrong, the world will be the first to laugh at you.

  3. This post really hits home for me.
    We can not please God and the world at the same time.
    So we will be old-fashioned if we want to be right with God. Thanks for the mention, sweetie.
    I LOVE THE NEW LOOK OF THE BLOG. You go, girl!
    God bless you!

    1. Correct! The two cannot go together. Friendship with God is enmity with the world.
      The two don't just go together. Trying to blend or manage the two at the same time just leads to chaos.
      Awww. You are welcome.
      Thanks dear sis.
      Your encouragement has been super. Apart from your comments, even your blog posts encourage me to keep posting and is part of why I changed things up too..

  4. This was a delightful and refreshing post if I must say so myself. Thanks for hitting the right notes. It's amazing how some Christians like to tone down somethings for unbelievers whereas they would put these things in our faces and not apologise. Shine your light let them see. I'm proud to be a Jesus lover and I will identify as one. I know this hasn't always been the case for me due to fear and anxiety and personality traits but that's what God wants to do. Shed off those parts of our flesh that hinders us from declaring his name and being proud of what He did for us on the cross and be bold like a lion. I pray many people in Christ will come to see this. It's amazing my recent post deals with dressing modestly: Let love lead.
    P.S: I remember wanting to tag myself as old-fashioned but God decided to tune that up for me and gave me 'Christ-fashioned.' Why? Because even 'old fashioned' still has its roots in the world. God has called us out to be seperate and shine Christ, so I'm just that modern day girl with Christ fashioned values and I'm loving it. xo!

    Here's the post on modesty.

    1. Yes babe!
      Yes! Yes! And another yes.
      It irks me that people go against God flagrantly and throw it in your face. And you try not to condemn or judge. Then I keep to myself, and do my thing and they dare to criticize. Can you imagine? So annoying.
      It takes a lot of courage not to bow to pressure from the world.
      Any yes to dressing modestly. And not only when going to church.

      I get what you are saying about fear of speaking out due to personality traits. It happens to me.Ordinarily I would rather not stir up the hornets nest. I dislike conflict and would rather avoid it. But I have discovered that the deeper you go in faith, the more your lifestyle begins to be criticized at which point you have to speak up.

      Christ Fashioned sounds nice.
      Modern day girl with Christ fashioned values sounds like a good tag line. I love it.
      Thanks Itunu. God bless you.


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