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Now! Imagine my surprise when last week I came across This post on Linda Ikeji's blog. Basically, a
Ghanaian female TV co host stated that her unnamed pastor..coughs....sorry tis the weather...supported the idea of taking a peek at the intended husband's private parts before marriage. You know " look at it to be sure you can live with the size". Lol.

Clears throat.
This is apparently to avoid stories that touch.
Hmmmmm! Now if the female host had stopped at saying that was her belief, this post probably won't be happening. But the mention of a pastor stirred all kinds of emotions within me.

I mean, this is all kinds of wrong. 

Now take a moment, where in the Bible did it say Rebecca or even Eve took a peek at their men to assume themselves that they were on the right path before marriage.? Neither is there anything like that in the New Testament. 
Even if we don't look at it from the biblical aspect, let's look at it from the common sense aspect.

You are dating Brother John, no sex before marriage, but you ask him one day......How will you even phrase it? I mean if you are born again enough to abstain from sex before marriage, then with what 
kind of bold face will you request that kain request from Bro John?
'Ehn.......Baby...... You know I love you.........but you see I need to see you naked to ascertain that you can satisfy me.......'I can imagine Bro John' s face at this time......

Let's say she doesn't even go that root, and tries the James Bond a.k.a spying method.......
you try to sneak a peek in the bathroom.....what if Bros catches you taking a peek.....he's gonna think you don't want to wait any longer.....
What if she takes a peek and can't glance away, next thing you know she forgets her vow of celibacy and regrets it......

What if she like what she sees, smiles smugly to herself and on the wedding day She finds out Bros is a one minute man or worst of all can't get it up. Don't ask me what that means abeg...y' all ain't kids. Lol.

What's my point in all this.......It is that I have abstained from sex for a while, and I chose to trust that God is faithful to those who are faithful to him. I chose not to be afraid.

Now don't get it twisted. I know sex is important to marriage. Even among pastors and spiricoco Christians lol, sex causes issues...... there's religion, and there is satisfaction among married couples. 
And I know that it's important to be compatible in that area.
So don't think I am being a prude or something.

I just chose to believe that I don't have to inspect Bros when he finally shows up.....lol. And I trust that I will marry a man grounded enough in faith to not want to inspect me also.
Let's not get scared by all this stories flying around. Ok. For as many bad stories you hear about women who waited, and got disappointed, there are even many more of women who waited and their expectations were exceeded.....I am serious, I have heard some personal stories. Let's just say it ended well.

That's my take on the whole inspection story. Now what's yours? What do you think..............
Let's have an intimate conversation...


  1. Whaaaa?
    What if inspection leads to testing?
    What if testing leads to more testing?
    That pastor sef. That is weird.

    1. As in! My sister. I couldn't believe what I read.
      How that sounded like a good idea to the pastor is beyond me.
      How much more to the TV host who repeated it and actually believed it.
      Pastors are not God. They were created like you and I. They can be wrong and ridiculous too just like this one.


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