Some of my favorite blogs ( pt 1)

So the thing is I love to read and write.
But I looooooove to read more than I love to write. And if you blog, that may not be such a good thing because the people you are reading WROTE, which basically means that if they didn't write, then what would I ( and you) read. Lol.

Having said that, the past few days  or weeks ( who is counting) lol, you would think I have been offline. But no! I have been online more than ever. Reading and re reading my favorite blogs and discovering some more.
And I would love to share some of them with you.  In no particular order oh, just as they pop into my mind, here they are.
This here is Adewale Aladejana's blog. If you are a frequent visitor to this blog, you would have come across some of his posts. He is such a nice guy and he is an awesome, Holy Spirit filled blogger.
Check him out, his posts are inspiring, some of them his personal experiences, some are fictionally spiritual lol. If you want to what that means, check him out.
This link here is Precious's blog. Her blog is never boring. She writes awesomely well too, and I have also asked her permission a couple of times to re blog but before I post them you should totally go ahead and check out her posts. Her tag line is life, love, faith and food and she's not lying.
P.s if you like food, pls eat before going to her blog as you will salivate. Her recipes are easy. And the
 pics are oooh la la. Clears throat.
Y'all know I like food nah. Lol.
This is Pastor Mildred's blog. She co pastors David's Christian Centre with her husband and her blog
is so colorful. She always has testimonies to share and if you are in Lagos there are always events, and shows to attend which you learn about on her blog.
She preaches Christ, and talks about relationships, marriage, dating, sex, kids, friendship etc. a
She is just a lil bit particular about ladies and it shows on her blog.
Go ahead, check her out. One of my favorite posts is this
This here is Jummy's blog. She has been blogging since like forever. And she blogs well. Funny and passionate,  she isn't afraid to put herself out there. You can find her talking about life, faith, weight,
natural hair, relationships. In short anything. Check out life from the perspective of aNigerian/American / Canadian.
Hmmm! How do I describe Kachi's blog.
One word! Amazing.
She's a newly wed lawyer who blog is very eclectic. She's got tips, relationship advice, career advice, workplace dynamic etc. even on shaving your legs, lol. FYI shaving isn't one of my favorite things to do.
I usually postpone and postpone before I do it.
Anyway one thing you won't be is bored. And she's got the most amazing pictures and stories.

So yeah! I am going to end it on this note. Do let me know if you checked them out.
As they say in those nollywood films.


  1. Awwww S2C! Thank you so much for the mention! Lol at you need to eat before visiting her blog.
    You write so well, dear. Your symmetry and sense of humour are just effortless. You should write often. I love Kachee's blog too. She's truly amazing. I think I've visited Good Naija Girl once. The others are pleasant new discoveries to me.
    Thanks again, darling. Hope you are okay?

    1. are so sweet.
      Thank you. You are so kind. I will try.
      Honestly I write so many posts in my head and not put it down in writing..
      You are welcome. I am, dear by Gods grace. It is well.

    2. Perhaps you need a specific word from God to write more? You know you can be great at this right? May you die empty in Jesus' name. Have a great week, dear!

    3. My sister! Amen and amen. More posts coming right up. I actually wrote one after I saw your comment yesterday. But it needs editing.
      I will make sure I write more.
      Thanks so much for your encouragement. It may have seem random to you but I think the Holy Spirit inspired you to write it to motivate me.
      Thank you. Love you,

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