So I dated a cult guy

Yep! Today is memory lane day. Lol.
Ok lemme confess, I am in the office and very very bored. Hence this post. 

Isn't it amazing when you look back at the past and all the shenanigans and compare it to your now as a Christian who knows exactly what to look out for in a man.

Anyway this was ages ago. Long long long ago! 
Anyway you read that right! Yep! I have dated a cult guy before.
More than one sef to be strictly honest.  And in my defense I didn't know he was one when I started dating him oh and even after we broke up. I was a * jambito, and he was the first boyfriend I had in the university.
His name was Yemi. Come to think of it, the second one's name too was Yemi ( but he wasn't a student, and we didn't date per se) and I assure you, pure co incidence. The name that is. And the cult connection. 
Nobody should give me side eyes. Oh. Lol. 

So how did I come about dating a cult guy? Let's just say I had always had a thing for bad guys.
 In retrospect he must have had that aura around him, and that must have been what attracted me to him. He must have being attracted to my innocence and the chance to score a fresher.

So now you know i had a thing for "bad" guys .And not dating my course mates.
Therefore you understand why he, the first guy I dated in the Uni as a *jambito was in four hundred level  (final year). I met him at the bank where I went to pay my school fees shortly before school resumed and he seemed to meet all my teenage fantasy requirements at the time. I must have been about 17 or 18 years old. That was in the days of land line telephones.And I think I gave him my phone number or my uncles phone number and he called or came down to see me or something.

School sha ( eventually)resumed, and we started dating. There were just a few things wrong.
First of all he had a large group of sketchy looking friends, who loved to smoke and drink, he loved to club, he was always broke, "borrowed" my disc man( if you need to google what a discman is then you are too young for this post lol) and never returned it ,and he had an ex who I wasn't totally sure if they had really broken up, or if he still loved her or if she still loved him etc. she also just happened to be about three/four years ahead of me and was the former/reigning "Miss Law" of my department ( talk about intimidation lol).

Anyway. Our love or whatever it was barely survived a session. He started messing up and I started suspecting he was dating his ex again and we broke up.
 I was none the wiser as to his cult status as at then. So I gave no second thought to giving him
scathing put-downs and blistering looks when he tried to crawl back. I remember an episode vividly where he came to my room ( I lived off campus for the five years I spent reading law) to beg me to come back and Cher's "Believe " was on. My Then Bffs were in the room with me and we started singing out loud and pointedly the lyrics.

No matter how hard I try 
You keep pushing me aside 
And I can't break through 
There's no talking to you 
So sad that you're leaving 
Takes time to believe it 
But after all is said and done 
You're going to be the lonely one, Ohh Oh 


Do you believe in life after love?
I can feel something inside me say 
I really don't think you're strong enough, 
Do you believe in life after love 
I can feel something inside me say 
I really don't think you're strong enough.

We then had fun belting this part out loooooooooud.
Lol! Boy! Was he mad.
 He was so embarrassed and irritated. And left shortly after. And made sure to tell me that " so you and your friends were laughing at me abi..... lol.
Lemme just add that had I known then at he was a cult guy,I would certainly not have tried it.

In retrospect I realized that anytime he skulked around my apartment, or I pointed him out to anyone, especially guys, they always had an incredulous look on their faces, like "he is your ex"????? " " you mean you used to date that guy".  

I still didn't clue in until a friend dated his  best friend and we all realized his friend was a cult guy. Suddenly my eyes cleared fiam! Lol. And I realized what a danger I had been in. 

Then one day, my flat was robbed, as in armed guys (  his fellow cultists most likely) literally broke our door around 7 or 8 pm, took our money and phones. My friend and I were the only ones home. It was a wonder we were not raped or harmed.
And years later, I realized precisely that it was because he was the one behind it that we were not touched.  And also because he was the first one to show up after the crime, and Get this! He pretended to comfort us, and told us that he knew a guy who knew a man who could Make all our stolen stuff appear. If we paid some money.

Like naive Fools, we ( my sister and I ) paid (as if the loss we suffered wasn't enough oh, I bugged my mum to send money we would use to recover our stolen items lol).
Needless to say, we never recovered anything. 
Lol. I am pretty sure that he played that on us because they didn't get much money from us during the robbery.

And that is the end of my story. Lol.

Unfortunately, that was not the last I saw of him. And he continued bugging me  either to date him or give him money till I graduated.  I wa already steadily dating my ex, The one I wrote about Herewhom I met in my first year too, after I had broken up with Mr Cult lol.. . So of course no going back to trash when I had gold. Lol. Besides his penchant of always being broke and looking for me to cook a free meal wasn't cute at all. No time for nonsense.

The story of the other cult guy ( who I didn't date per se) would have to be some other time.

*Jambito - fresher in the university.

* Fiam - immediately
*Cult - in this context, a Confraternity in the university where students are initiated. They are usually feared and respected as anyone who disrespects them can be maimed, raped, injured or killed.


  1. Just reading this and laughing out really loud @ the "fiam" part. Used to be friends with a cultist too. didn't realise this till he invited me to their party! Let's just say, I became invisible to him from then on.

    1. Lol. I can imagine your face when you realized where you were and the people around you.
      Cult eish ain't funny at all.
      My mum's brother literally had to leave Lagos and cut short his tertiary schooling when cult guys ( as far back as the early nineties) trailed him home to our house. He was living with us then. Apparently he was cult " spec".
      Tall, heavily built with muscles without being fat.
      Apparently he was an asset.
      He had to go to University of Ibadan and start all over again.
      I am already on your blog ( in another tab) even as I write.


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