Waiting for the Promise

Hi Guys! Isn't it just weird that today is the last day of June? I mean July starts tomorrow.

This months be running really fast. And giving somebody food for thought. Like Chai! Starts counting Fingers.
January! February! March! April! May! June! How did the months fly by so fast? And what exactly have I been up to sef? Lol.
One thing for sure is that I have been sort of MIA this month. And I apologize. Sometimes my head ain't quite in the right place or mood to write even secular stuff, how much more something as important to me as this blog. #sniff.

So, one thing struck me recently. The time between the verbal promise of God and its fulfillment.
Think about it or even imagine it.
You need a car, and you go meet your dad. And after a few times of your requests, he finally gives that word. Yes! I will buy you a car. The most wonderful car there is. It will serve you and your generations. People will be in awe of your car.
And you are like......fist bump! Yes!yes!๐Ÿ‘Š๐Ÿพ. Because that word he said is the koko. Lol.
Now you can relax, now you can go brag to all your friends, now you can go scout car makes and colors, compare engine specs and all stuff people who are really into cars really care about in their cars ( can you tell I am not a car person, my colleagues have kinda given up on me ).

Then you wait for the fulfillment.
Surely in a few days your dad will bring the car home ( you have kinda hinted him on the type you
want ). Then a few days turns to plenty days, then months, then years. During this period you have
turned from pleasant child to whining, to moody to rude and threatening. You have even resorted to blackmail. But your dad doesn't budge. All he says is 'my child! I have not forgotten my promise. I will buy you that car.
Then you resort to being a pleasant child once again. Thinking 'surely he has remembered me again so he will buy it soon', (even though he never forgot ) , then you start to wonder and worry, could it be that my dad is bankrupt and doesn't want to tell me. Could it be that he just said yes to get me to stop disturbing me, has he given my car to someone else, did I offend him....etc.

Worst of it all is the people around you. You see those who don't even have fathers driving seemingly
exotic cars, those people you bragged to years back that you were gonna be a car owner never cease to mock you and asking if the car was yet to be produced.
The less unkind of them ask you to stop waiting for a fathers promise that will never come and go out into the world and Explore other methods of buying a car..

They ask you, don't you wanna be a car owner. Time is going? Do you wanna be a grandparent before you become a car owner.

And let's be honest, you do consider it. But you can't forget the impact the promise of the father had on you. And you manage to believe that he will fulfil it.
Then one day, time has passed. You hear the noise of a speed boat, then ship then aircraft, then car just beside your window. You wonder what all the huckus is all about. You peer and you see your fathers servants at the door.
You rush to open the door hoping there was no bad news. You open the door and see the biggest, mightiest, baddest car there is outside your door. For this is no ordinary car. It is the heavenly model 001. Created specially for you. It can fly and it can swim, it can run on land and on water, fitted with all the latest gadgets you can imagine Your neighbors are standing in awe.
Your fathers servants hand this magnificent specimen over the car to you. And you hear your fathers voice on the telephone.

'My dearest child, I was not unaware of your feelings when the car did not arrive on time. But I could not allow myself to get sentimental and give you a common car. You wanted a car that will soon have been old fashioned. I wanted my servants to make for you a car that will stand the test of time. A car that will inspire awe, elicit thanksgiving even from your enemies and bring glory back to me.A car that will show the type of love I have for you, my child.
Besides, the bad man ( Satan) already knew my plans for you, and had the plan to kill you in the car by veering off a cliff or third mainland bridge and drowning in the sea if I gave you an ordinary car. 
I couldn't allow that of course. Hence a car that can work on water'

Lets just say the child had no choice but no kneel and ask for forgiveness for doubting the father, and then be thankful that he was able to wait and hold on for the promise of his father.

The child in this post is me or you.
The car is the promise of God.
In short anybody who has ever been promised anything by God whether you believed or not. Anyone whose present reality is different from what God Has promised. It's not easy to believe in a promise or dream or revelation that no one else knows about but you, but have faith. Look at Abraham, look at Joseph, look at David. None of this three men got the fulfillment of their expectations on time.In fact nobody Around them would ever have thought that one day they would become people of destiny.I don't know your situation,I don't know how hard it is, I don't know how long it is since God gave that promise, but I do know that if God has said it, it will surely come to pass.
Remember that God is the potter. He is always making sure that what he gives is the best.

I hope this post has blessed you.
I leave you with Isaiah 55:11
So shall My word be that goeth forth out of My mouth: It shall not return unto Me void, but it shall accomplish that which I please, and it shall prosper in the thing whereto I sent it.
For more context read vs 10. But the koko of it is that if snow and rain comes down and doesn't go back up, but does what it is sent to do, then the word of God must do what it is sent to do.

Koko= crux

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