Lost and Found

Soooo, as I mentioned in my last post, I had a baffling month.
If you haven't read it you can catch up and read it Here. And I mentioned that one of the stuff that happened was my brothers fiancée basically didn't hear from him and said he was missing..

 Lol. In case you are wondering how that happened, let's just add a paranoid girlfriend in one country, me in one country and my brother in another.
None of us were in the same country. You can see why an unreachable phone line and incommunicado fiancé can lead to confusion.

I decided to see the funny side of it, ( it wasn't funny at the moment, only later) which is why I didn't want to lump it in with the Last post.

So I put on my phone that Saturday morning only to get a message from my brother's fiancée. And believe me when I say I don't pray for anyone to ever wake up to such a message.
She had sent it around 5:30 am. She stated that she had not heard from my brother since Friday morning around 10am and she feared he had had an accident/ he was dead.
I felt chills in my body. Not least because of the matter of fact way she sent the whatsapp message.
So insistent and scared. I don't want to say hysterical.
But as chilled as I was, I looked back in my spirit and realized the Holy Spirit had not told me any bad thing was about to happen. I mean what else was I supposed to do?

Besides I remembered one time my parents travelled to Lagos to collect a document from the Embassy for my brother, and for some odd reason, they didn't pick up their calls for a loooooong time and I panicked thinking something bad had definitely happened, the Holy Spirit reprimanded me (or maybe I was the one reprimanding myself) that day for thinking the worst. I felt so silly when my mum said they didnt pick their calls because they weren't allowed to take it into the Embassy.
And I resolved to always have faith that God will keep me and mine irrespective of what the physical circumstances were.

So, I didn't panic, but I was worried because I kept trying his numbers, bbm etc. none of it went.

The fiancée also didn't help matters as she kept insisting that something was wrong every time I gave an excuse as to why he may be offline. That his phone could be stolen, missing, lost, dead battery etc. she insisted that he always called her twice everyday, and since he hadn't, something must be wrong. And that he knew better than not to get in touch with her every morning and night.
Never mind the fact that me the sister sef usually don't hear from him in days sometimes. 
 Even my telling her that I still dreamt about him that night and God didn't reveal any disaster didn't help matters. lol.
 E be like say oyibo no believe say God speaks to people through dreams.

Toh! I can't really account for the next few hours (I had to digest the news that my neighbor died that morning ) but I know that there was a flurry of messages between us. 
I tried to be calm. And to make matters worse she said I shouldn't tell my mum who had been ill for like a week and very weak, my brother is her favorite and we both knew that that kind of worry can just make her collapse.
I had to think fast amidst chatting with the fiancée to establish what happened. I had to also be calm
so as to calm her down. She was hysterical.
I eventually told my dad and my sister, I didn't have the liver to hold that kind of news. Especially as my dad was traveling that morning. God forbid I had to tell him bad news on the expressway.

My sister was like abeg he is fine jare. And went her merry way to church, honestly I wish I had her
kind of heart sometimes. 
As for my dad, I can't forget the way he sighed when I told him. He sat down, and put down his cap. Obviously no traveling for him again. 
Lol. I was happy oh. You know how it is when you aren't the only one carrying burden. Hehehehe. 

See as I turn CIA and FBI rolled into one. Googling campus police numbers and police phone number and email. I was handicapped by being in another country, and the language barrier. she too was in a different country from me. So not like we could do anything.
I was Googling police information and all. neither of us understood the language though she understood a little.
She called the hospitals around and his name wasn't on record.
She resorted to calling his friends and finally got one who went to check the house for him and was told by my brothers flatmate that he went to the hospital.
As at that point I breathed a sigh of relief. At least someone had heard of him.
I called my dad who had left to go visit my neighbors in the hospital (and called me that the wife, seven months pregnant with twins had died). So you can imagine the intense pressure I was under.
One one hand trying not to break down at the sudden death of our tenant, one one hand trying to locate my brothers whereabouts.
Eventually she was able to get across to a police woman who went to my brothers house to check him.
Turns out they had a tiff and he needed time alone or he was in the hospital or something. I haven't quite gotten to the bottom of what happened.
I was so irritated.

But Imagine his face when policemen knocked at his house.
Lol. It still cracks me up each time. He was so mad at his fiancée.
It's caused a rift.

Chai! Me I was so relieved and a little mad at her for scaring everyone that way. 
I went as far as tracking his iPhone online cos she reminded me that I knew his password. Thank God say I no lock the phone in trying to trace his phone.

Funny enough my mum realized something was wrong. She kept asking me what the mater was, but I didn't dare tell her what happened until we had heard from him that he was fine.
Even after he had been found you needed to see her reaction. Lol. She aged right in front of me.

God is the only one who keeps us safe. I haven't seen my brother in a few years, and I never realized until that moment how I always assumed that God will always keep him safe. Sometime we don't even talk in a week. But I am certain that God will always keep him safe. Very certain.
That incident though and the others gave rise to an unexpected fear which I talk about soon.

Lol. he was'nt even lost sef. But at least we found him/she found him.

I am still pretty irritated but my parents are all, " he should be happy that somebody cares about him"
What do you guys think?


  1. Hiya S2C! I like to think that there is No better thing in this life.. than sincerely being cared for and about.. and loved even over seas. I mean. Life in Onyibo land often times gets a tad bit unpredictable yeah.. but like you said Nne.. It is GOD who keeps us all.. Grace on you and your's I sincerely pray! Blessings Nne. xx

    1. Thanks dear. Hope you are good. How Acada? I can see you are having fun.
      Thanks. I pray same for you too. And that we all have happy reunion with our folks both here and over there.


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