S2C's Upandan- Rebuking the devourer

So sorry guys that I have been MIA.
Honestly it wasn't planned. The past one month has been sorta baffling and stressful.
As in lots of stuff happened.
My neighbor died, my brothers fiancée declared him missing ( serious! as in police got involved) but I will talk about that later. 
The devourer had it in for me both mentally, emotionally and physically.
I was just overwhelmed.
Thank God for his faithfulness.

My mum fell ill. As in mysteriously ill. It started like play like play. A touch of fever, touch of cold, and all sorts. I mean nothing too extraordinary. This went on for a week.

But I noticed that drugs weren't working, blood tonic and supplements weren't, she was just so weak and tired. BUT something spiked my discernment. She wanted to always sleep on the floor which isn't an odd request on its own but my spirit man was not comfortable. Something was off, and exactly a week after it started, I told my sister, we have to pray for this woman. 
Also, an attack had been made on her life about two years back, where it was only quick action and God that saved her. If we hadn't switched to prayers , I am certain that she would have died.
My people! There is something called spiritual warfare. Do not underestimate any sickness, any symptom or sign. Once drugs don't work, hospital can't diagnose what is wrong or something seems off, Follow your spirit man. When it says pray, PRAY.

So we prayed with her,  deliverance prayers oh ( I attend a church where it is emphasized that you should to know how to use your authority as a child of God and be independent in case your pastor is unavailable or reachable , not every time pastor I had a bad dream what should I do lol, you are taught to pray first before even calling your pastor ) and to my surprise she started coughing out weirdly colored stuff. 
Ha! I realized that my disquiet had reasons. That sickness wasn't of an ordinary nature.
She felt a little better. And the difference was noticeable immediately.  But she was still weak.

On Tuesday I travelled out of town for a court matter, only for her to call me that an anonymous caller, a very furious one, called her by name. And started raining curses of madness and death and threatening her with death. Thank God my mum was able to return the curses back to sender immediately and told her " you too, you will run mad and die" .lol. She added in Jesus name for good measure.

That was how her eyes cleared oh. Fiam. We realized that there was war . I mean what else will you call it when someone whose voice my mum didn't recognize called her to threaten her with death on the telephone. 
One thing was clear, the enemy was furious about the prayers we prayed , another thing was clearer, that the coast was not clear. We had to pray harder .
That was how we called pastors, some came home to pray, we also did vigils, prayers, etc.

And eventually she got better. That second week.

Beloved! She lost weight drastically. Within the space of two weeks she went from ninety something to eighty something. Everyone who saw her marveled. The weight loss wasn't the envy inducing one.
It was obvious she had escaped a terrible illness.

 I thank God for her life oh. She could easily have died. In fact, from the dream I had ( after the prayers) of a big,tall strong angry man throwing her down. She was supposed to die. But the fall only injured her, both in real life and in the dream. it didn't take her life.
Thank God for me abeg.

The stress, coupled with looking for my brother and my neighbors death was too much. I fell sick myself. 

As if that wasn't bad enough , I ate roasted corn, and a part of my back upper molar broke.. Filling it was a waste of money so I opted to remove it and the one close to it which had decayed.

I didn't realize at that time that Satan had it in for my money and my health.
What was supposed to be a simple removal turned hard. The teeth broke while removing, I felt paaaaaaaain. 
I can't forget it. 
After removal, all was fine and dandy, no swelling, it clotted beautifully.
Only for this pain to start.
My people, I now know why people get addicted to morphine and pain killers . This pain, I can't describe. I though it was normal at first, but it affected my sinus, my head, my ear. I didn't dare open my mouth too wide.
People at work were starting to wonder if it wasn't just teeth removal. Thank God for my boss who understood.
Eventually I went back to see the dentist and he told me it was getting infected.

He recommended a more powerful antibiotic that the one he had previously recommended and begged me to use it. lol. As if I needed begging.

Then I got better. Thank God. But money I didn't budget for had been spent on paying for the extraction and antibiotics. 

In the midst of this, my phone got stolen by a pickpocket right after church.
At this point I felt overwhelmed. 
I was having to spend money I didn't budget on another phone. Not to talk of loss of valuable info, pictures, data.
A lot of thoughts came to my mind, I paid my tithe, I was in church working for God that day and even left late. How could my phone then get stolen on top. I almost got discouraged but thankfully I was able to get over everything and most importantly I recognized what was happening and I prayed.

Beloved, we need to pray, pray and pray some more.

Satan hates Christians. And the harder he can make life for us the better. He tries so much to shake our faith, and to discourage us, better still get us to sin and lose the Holy Spirit in the process, at which point he can do even more damage.
Don't forget Job, God allowed satan to deal with Job but also gave him borderline that he must not cross. 
Job's life.
God will not put us through temptations we can't bear. Do not forget that his strength is sufficient for us.

Also, pls recognize the signs when the devourer strikes. Do not ignore that thing that keeps consuming your money or time. It could be illness, car, laptop. Anything at all that devours your finances should be death with through prayer which is what I did.

I recognized that the devourer had me in his sights. He wanted my peace of mind, my mum, my health, my finances.
I had to pray. I had to pray hard.

How have you been guys? How did your month go?
I have missed you.. Yes you. 


  1. wow! Beloved thank God for everything in the good and bad times, there is always something to learn from the both. Do not be ignorant of the devices of the evil ones. My Love don't be perturbed because our big daddy is on your case and the devil will so regret ever messing with a daughter of the most high God. Just stand still and keep calm while God takes over from here. May all that the devil has stolen from you be restored back to you in thousand folds. Amen. It is well with mommy and every member of your family. Be of good cheer for God has overcome the world.

    1. My dear! That's just it. In good times and in bad times, we have to be thankful.
      Amen amen and Amen. Thank you for your kind words. amen.
      It is well with you and yours too. As you have prayed for me, I pray too for you that nothing of yours shall ever be the portion of the devourer. The hedge of the blood of Jesus will surround You and yours in Jesus name.
      Thanks Judith. Your words are very comforting and kind.


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