When Your Faith Makes You Unpopular

I am about to get unpopular at work. Lol.
It's not a done thing yet, but I am starting to see the signs.
The funny thing is that I could easily be back in favour so to speak if I go with the crowd and stop insisting on the right thing.

Isn't it ironic that being a Christian isn't a popular choice?
And by Christian, I don't mean Christian in name only, I mean living the Christ like life as Jesus Christ intended and embodying all what the Bible suggests that a Christian should strive to be.
Isn't it ironic that the people doing the wrong things are the ones who seek to make us feel bad about our right choices?
Isn't it it ironic that you don't do what every one is doing yet you are the one who gets mocked and castigated?


It's human to desire acceptance and love of  others. 
I liked (like) the feeling of being in a group, being the teaser and not the teased. 
Being part of those making a joke and not the butt of the joke. 

Of course they may not all have truly liked me, they are humans after all, but despite this I strove  to maintain a good relationship with as many people as I could. Meaning that I didn't like to look for trouble, and if standing up for my convictions would raise any dust or cause conflict , I would prefer to take the cowards way out , keep quiet for peace to reign. 
I hated the idea of ruffling feathers or insisting on something. If someone used me to tell a lie or wanted me to tell one for them, I would be more scared of the fall out of refusing that person than I would about disobeying God. 
So instead of refusing outright when confronted with any of those options, I would beat and beat about the bush until the person either forgot, or got annoyed with me and dropped it, or I agreed grudgingly.

Weird right? Or just self protection. More like Cowardice. Lol. And lack of spiritual power/ knowledge.  It seemed better to ignore heaven for a teeny weeny while and focus on keeping peace. After all I had to live with the people on earth before making heaven.
God could wait right!
Wrong. Lol.

Note that I am hardly an extrovert.  But nowadays, as I have grown in wisdom and gotten stronger convictions, and the courage to insist on them, I have gotten bolder.

But I have also noticed that the more I stand up for my faith, the more I strive to live a Christ like
life,the more unpopular I am or will be.
And I won't lie! I have asked myself if it's worth it. Risking being a social pariah just because of a conviction. (Yes it is).
It seems so easy to go with the flow (oh!so so easy and tempting especially if you don't like conflict like me)  and let things go back to the way they were. I can also be very emotional, and being made out to be the one in the wrong can be very disheartening.

Last week I noticed a little change in some people around me, just because I wouldn't go along with  what was according to them " not a big deal". I demurred, and asked them to do the right thing, and if they wouldn't, then they shouldn't put me in a position where my truth would put everyone in trouble.

What can I say? They weren't pleased at all.
I heard words like " holy holy" and all sorts. Lol.

I could sense anger, irritation and resentment.  Even on the face of my BFF. Someone who has been with me through it all. Someone who knows how easy going I normally am.
But Mehn! Leave BFF oh. I intend to make heaven. BFF or no BFF. 

 It appeared as if I was being unnecessarily difficult. You know! Insisting that we be truthful  and not put lies down. I know they all were taken aback and I had to brace myself because this wasn't going to get easier or better. And I was happy about it.( ok! Not happy!) Because sooner or later, the resentment would turn into gossip and side talks, something I so much dislike. But I wouldn't have it any other way. 

It's naive to assume that everybody would be happy about your convictions. They may not  even comprehend them. Hence their resentment.

My dears, when you stand up for your faith, There would come a time when You would have to choose between Christ and the acceptance of others.  See! Satan isn't gonna be happy if you choose Jesus Christ. So he is gonna make your good choices seem like the difficult one. That decision that is based on God's specification is gonna seem like the odd one, while the worldly one is gonna seem easy.

Let me Tell you! You are going to be called names. Lol! I learnt that the hard way.
People that are supposed to have your back are going to give you nicknames that will break your heart. (though of course you won't allow
them to know how painful it is. If you are like me that is). People are gonna label you weird, difficult, dumb, slow, old fashioned, slow, even wicked (if your decision is gonna make their own wrong agenda difficult).

I don't know what your own Faith inspired choice is.
Perhaps not to wear certain stuff again,Orr go to certain places, or not to seek for help via horoscopes, voodoo etc, juju.
maybe it's not to do drugs or alcohol, it could be to stop internet scam, peharps it is to cut off that old boyfriend/girlfriend you have been sinning with, or maybe you want to stop pilfering your bosses money.
It could be anything.
DO NOT underestimate the extent that people will go to make Your faith inspired choice not to tell lies ( even little white ones) foolishness. 
Look unto Jesus Christ, the author and finisher  of your faith.

Do not look unto Human Beings for validation.
The road ahead is not a wide road, it's a lonely and narrow path.
People are gonna call you names for not wanting to fornicate or pocket that ill gotten wealth. 
Even family members are not exempt from being used by Satan to mock you and cause you to question the absurdity or otherwise of your convictions.
Other Christians can even disappoint you like they did to me, making me appear weird for wanting things done right, when they ought to stand up for me. Instead they chose to join the crew to castigate me.

I have braced myself for the worst.
After all Jesus did talk about the Narrow way and the wide way in Matthew 7:13-14.

The Narrow Gate
13"Enter through the narrow gate; for the gate is wide and the way is broad that leads to 
destruction, and there are many who enter through  it. 
14"For the gate is small and the way is narrow that leads to life, and there are few who find it.
 He never promised that it would be easy, but that his strength was sufficient for me.
So yeah! No matter what name I am called, I am standing up for Christ.
And if that makes me popular, you know what, I don't mind.


  1. Amazing post, very profound! God has not called us to fit in, He has called us to stand out, birds of the same feather roll together but Eagles never flock, they are rare and of course chicken will never feel comfortable in the presence of an eagle. Keep your head up! Thank you so much for the beautiful comments all the time. I celebrate you and God bless you.

    1. Aww.
      Thank you so much.
      So kind of you to come by.
      That's the problem. We try too much to fit in with the world when the world should be trying to fit in with Christians.
      You are welcome. You have a great blog so it's no sweat at all.
      Amen. And you too.

  2. Oshey! BaDDest! This was a ghen ghen Read eh! Thanks for Sharing Sold-to-Christ.. But through it all ba.. I think it is important to stand for ones conviction, but not make others feel any sort of Judgement while at it.

    Weldone nne.. Weldone. Blessings!

    1. You are welcome dear!
      Thanks a lot for your comment.
      I get your point.
      The funny thing is that you don't have to even say much before they feel judged.
      Immediately you say "No" to their plans Or "I am going to do this instead" they feel judged already. It's as if you are saying you are a saint while they are sinners so immediately they start bristling and correcting you or telling you "ko ni meaning" "no big deal" etc
      So yeah sometimes their conscience does the judging.I usually just watch.


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