The Prayer Cover

Hi! Hi!
So this was not the topic i planned to write on today, but suddenly, i heard "Prayer Cover".
And it stopped me in my tracks for a few seconds.
I actually said it out loud. Lol.
And then i thought and wondered why the Holy Spirit brought it up.
But the more i thought about it, the more it made sense to write about it. And as i type this for the second time ( The First one i published somehow got deleted moments after, which meant i had to retype, which only made me even more determined to make sure it gets posted ) i realise that the Holy Spirit wants people to know that there is a prayer cover, and the importance of a prayer cover.

The first time i heard the word "Prayer Cover" was many many years ago ( those days when i still had time to read fiction) in Frank Peretti's bestselling Christian novel on spiritual warfare "This Present Darkness".
The funny thing is that i was not even born again then, but i remember being very intrigued by the notion of a prayer cover which had to do directly with the prayers we prayed. That is, that our prayers not only go to God, but also acts as a cover for us from the darts of the enemy. 

Now of course, as a mature(ing) christian this makes sense on a lot of levels.
 After all the weapons of our warfare are not carnal. And it is not enough to fight spiritual warfare, but to be protected even when we aren't spoiling for a fight .

I mean, its no secret that Satan hates it when Christians pray. And that he goes about like a roaring lion seeking for whom to devour.
But back then, of course all that interested me was that angels were working on my prayers and that the more i prayed, the more covering and protection i got.
Beloved you need to know how i geared up my prayer level for a few days after i read this book then. lol.
I did not want to carry last. Yeah i wasn't born again but i still prayed sha the way that i could.  
Of course! My enthusiasm fizzled out after a while. Mainly because i wasn't connected to the source: Jesus Christ.

Now however! i don't pray solely because of the covering that my prayers give me, i pray because i want to commune with God, fight spiritual warfare, lay all my worries at his feet, in supplication, or to intercede amongst others.
I pray now, not as a stranger, praying for what i can get, but as a Child of God. and the full authority and confidence that that gives me.

Still isn't it nice to know that Our prayers not only help us in spiritual warfare, but that it also covers us and protects us and activates angels on our behalf.

Does the concept of prayers also acting as Cover make sense?
Share your thoughts below.

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