Esther's Upandan: Birthday

Hi Guys!
How did your month go? And Easter?
This month of March was awesome for me as it is my birthday month although Easter was a bit dry.

My birthday was on a Tuesday . And I had a lot of fun. Although not as much fun as last year's, which was on a Sunday.  This one started a little late because my colleagues had to close from work first.
 I had a few weeks leave so I was at home chilling trying to chill, i didn't relax as much as I was supposed to, what with people from work calling for one thing and the other and with Court appearances. One would think that leave means NO courts, but that's not the case. In fact I barely managed not to get myself roped into going to work on two separate occasions.

I can hear someone asking so how did the Birthday go?

Birthday girl! One year older.
Can somebody shout Halleluyah! Lol.

You know it's not easy now, all nah by the grace of God.
It was fun. Small, intimate with lots of gists and laughter.
I invited my crew from work. And by crew, I mean my paddy paddy friends from work.

So yeah! It was turn up tins with plenty of food and drinks. Plus takeaway.
Lol. I am of the firm belief that by their takeaway thou shall know them.
What's a party without takeaway. (Okay! So now you know I like food).

The prep for the get together started getting stressful at a point. And I had to ask myself who sent me message?lol.
But the truth is that I was happy to be a year older.
I forgot about anything I didn't have or had not achieved at that point and chose to celebrate.
I chose to be thankful . Because I was alive. 
And for the past few years I have taken to inviting some friends and colleagues around on that day to celebrate with me ( actually I learnt my lesson 3 years ago when a few of my colleagues showed up without invitation and were like what? The rice isn't ready? Lol). I didn't hear the last of it.
Since then, I don't wait for their impromptu birthday visits again, I just assume they are gonna show up regardless,  prepare for them and then still invite them oh.
Ain't no one got time to be sorting leftover food. lol.

Y' know the way people are, it's possible that it's the time you cook in anticipation of guests that no one shows up. Although, knowing my colleagues, that's doubtful.
 Ain't no one got time to be sorting leftover food. lol.

I made sure the drinks were all non alcoholic with plenty of energy drinks.
Of course! The men were not happy. A few of the guys were like Hian? No give us Jedi Jedi oh. We want red wine.Lol!
One of them opined that they were the ones coming to visit me so I should provide whatever they wanted. And I was like no way! You are coming to celebrate with me nah! No be what I give you una go chop/ drink?

One funny thing is that irrespective of how much I try to be political, there is always somebody who complains of not being invited. This particular one, some people have started beefing me already sef. But the truth is that I don't like crowds. And I usually invite those who are very close to my heart. I don't see the point of inviting you if we are not very close. Especially since it's just a "get together ".

Not like it's a big party. Besides how many people will I fit in the sitting room sef.

So yeah, I got some gifts. Plus I was really good.
I resisted the urge to ask my ex for a birthday gift.
This was the first time in ages that I wouldn't ask him for whatever it was I wanted. It was tempting. But that was part of Letting Go. And that included whatever little rituals we used to have in the past. Although when he called to say Happy Birthday, he did say he was broke now but he would send money later if he had sha.

Plus during the month, I spoke to a fellow blogger.
Sometimes, one needs to widen ones circle and talk to other Christians. Not just your Church people/friends/family and colleagues.
And I was just so grateful for the opportunity to connect and just talk and share gists and opinions. I learnt a lot and happy to have a godly platform to do so.

I also won an award in Church. Yeah! Sometimes you undergo courses where you write exams in my church and the first to fifth positions get prizes. Guess which position I got?

Fifth. Lol.
Olodo like me. Shebi if I knew that I would collect prize, I would have read harder and aimed for first. I am very competitive oh. But I wasn't expecting it at all and I didn't disturb myself.
To be cramming memory verses is not a easy something jare.

The funny thing is that when they started announcing, I felt a little sorry for those who will be called and have to walk up to the front for the handshake and gifts and have their picture taken. And prayed they wouldn't call my name. Only for me to hear ... " My Name"..!
 I wanted to hide under a chair or something. Then I managed to robotically walk to the front.
 I was like Chai!
I am very shy. And if there's one thing I dislike, it's attention.
I had to walk all the way to the front oh from the back where I sat. Shebi I if I know say I go win prize I for Siddon for front. Lol.
I was happy sha. Fifth prize plus first prize,  all na prize. Thank God for energy to read and the prize itself.

This fuel scarcity ish in Nigeria is so annoying.
I had the dubious honor of being the one to look for fuel on Saturday and when my colleague called me that a filling station near his house only opened in the evening ( isn't that weird). I just took a keg and money and disappeared from the house. No time to waste.
Unfortunately, Let's just say it didn't go well.
I got stuck in hold up and had to turn back.
But all was better the next day and I got from somewhere else. Even if it was N140 per liter.

So as per birthday tins, or Easter tins since the Birthday don pass since, the first to comment with email gets to win recharge of 1k. Any network. Just drop a comment and email.

Lets see how further giveaways will go.
Although I have a mind to give out books later when I figure out the logistics.

How did your month go?
Did you travel for Easter?
Don't forget to Drop a comment!


  1. No comment here?
    Ah ah!
    Am I the first?
    Is this still open?
    Oya, i'm entering the giveaway plssss.

    How did I spend Easter sef?
    Okay, was invited to speak at a teens event...met awesome helpers there too and was mega fulfilled doing what has a big place in my heart.

    Happy happy birthday in arrears! This is wayyyy belated sha!
    But my food and drinks ohhhhh!

    1. Yes dear! You are the first to comment.
      Of course it is nah.

      Thanks for the wishes. Lol at food and drinks.

  2. Oh my mail ohh. I forget. Lol

    If this don pass sha, you are free to pass me up :-)
    It's soooo late, kai!

    1. Lol.
      E never pass no worry . But even if it had, I don reopen am. Hehehehehehehe.
      Will get across to you tomorrow.


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