Beware of Temptation

Written by Wale.

It wasn't her eyes although they were the most beautiful he had seen on any woman, it wasn't her hourglass shape, it was the way she talked to him, she knew how to hold a conversation  and that was what made her irresistible. He was a sapiosexual and  she was the queen of charms. 
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He didn't mean to cheat on his wife but here he was in the arms of another.

 He told himself countless times that he wouldn't fall, he was a man of God and all he wanted to do was preach the gospel to this beauty but she ended up charming him. How would he explain to his wife and those under his ministry? He had failed them, he put his hands on his head and cried like a baby.

If you are a man of God and you have the anointing operating in your life, people will be attracted to you because your life will be uncommon, women will also be attracted to you and if you are not careful you will get into trouble. 

Your intentions may be good, all you may ever want to do is to preach the gospel but the devil too is looking for ways to destroy your ministry so he will send you a damsel in distress; a stunningly beautiful woman going through hard times, if you like egusi soup, the devil will not tempt you with ogbono, he will bring what you love, exactly the way you like it!

Every man of God must NEVER forget that he is human and that he can fall. What is the antidote to temptations that face a man of God? The bible tells us about Jesus when he was tested in the wilderness, The Message Translation says it best in Matthew 4:1-3 
Next Jesus was taken into the wild by the Spirit for the Test. The Devil was ready to give it. Jesus #prepared for the Test by fasting forty days and forty nights. 

Jesus knew temptation was coming so he PREPARED through fasting and prayer! Every new level brings with it a new devil. As God increases you, your prayer life must also switch  to a greater dimension. 

Galatians 5:16 (ESV) 
But I say, walk by the Spirit, and you will not gratify the desires of the flesh.

The key to resisting temptation is to walk in the Spirit, have prayer schedules throughout the day, don't relax one bit! Your life and your ministry is a terror to the devil and he will do his best to destroy your credibility.

The bigger the grace on your ministry, the more time you should spend in God's presence. When Jesus fed the 5000, we were told He asked His disciples to leave 
and then He went to pray all night!  The antidote to temptation is prayer! May God help us all.


I don't know about you but I was mightily blessed the first time I read this message ( and several others) on Wale Aladejana's Blog and I keep getting blessed by his writings.
 He is a gifted Christian writer, passionate about God, vivid imagination, doesn't mince words, thinks big and his writings always makes sense. 

A great danger in Christendom is to attempt to fight temptation in the Flesh. Most Christains who fall never expected it even though temptation may have been staring them in the face.
Jesus Christ, the Son of God expected temptation. Jesus Christ was in the Spirit, fasted forty days and forty nights before Satan came to tempt him.
We have to expect temptation and prepare our Spirit man to overcome.

Do not forget that the Lord's Prayer says " Deliver us not unto temptation" . 

Our human flesh cannot resist temptation.
It can try, but it cannot stand the wiles and guile of Satan. We have to walk in the Spirit. 
We ( all Christians) have to be Vigilant and be aware that the devil is walking about like a roaring lion, seeking for whom to devour. He will always bring that thing you are suceptible to, to tempt you. For instance, if like me you don't drink alcohol,  We wouldn't get tempted with alcohol, so Satan wouldn't send anyone to tempt me or you with alcohol.
But he certainly tries to send people to annoy me when I am fasting ( and even when I am not) or tries to tempt me various times so as to stop me from abstaining from sex.
It could be sex, beauty, lure of greener pastures,  pornography, money, a promise of a better life, that too good to be true job that will lead you to adultery or formication, that handsome young man who seems to be the answer to our prayers but will lead us away from Christ, a life changing contract from a lecherous old man, alcohol, hard drugs, masturbation, anger.
The list is ENDLESS.

Satan has a limited time. (Rev 12:12).
And he doesn't want to go down alone.
Let's not go down with him. Deal? 

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