Thank you Lord!


It's time to show some gratitude and testify to Gods goodness and protection.
In other words, Testimony time. Lol.
So in line with my Last post and resolve to be thankful in all circumstances, I figured that I better thank God openly here for the near miss I had today.

It happened suddenly, in the twinkling of an eye, like most accidents.

I had left work a bit earlier than the usual closing time and was very close to my house when we (I was with a guy who drove) hit a young boy selling a big bowl of red pepper.
Apparently, he had the bright idea to cross the road at that exact moment. How he didn't look left and right is still beyond me. Or perhaps he thought he could make it in time.
 It wasn't a pretty sight, pepper strewn all across the road, both of us discomfited, not knowing if the boy was alive or dead.

Thankfully, he was alive, with minor bruises, and apparently terrified of the repercussions of his carelessness and his mums wrath ( I got that latter impression). I also had a small cut on my leg which was dripping blood so I had to clean it immediately.
I was also angry at the boy. He could easily have died if the driver hadn't seen him early and applied the brake a few seconds before hitting him. Thankfully, the pepper took the brunt of the hit. Without the application of that brake, it would have been a fatal head on collision and who knows what might have happened. For sure, the Police and the Hospital would have been involved.

A lot of thoughts ran through my mind. One was that I was the one who insisted on that route on the pretext that it was shorter, the guy had wanted to take another one which he preferred.
The second was to question why the accident had to happen at all.
Afterall I had prayed that Morning.Hadn't I? Lol. See me feeling like prayer warrior.
But as soon as I had that thought, I realized that ungratefulness was rearing its ugly head again and I had to kick it in the butt.
No questions or fault finding but Thanksgiving all the way.
Afterall, there was no casualty. And apart from the cut on my leg and body pain from the impact, I was perfectly fine.
I also remembered that some few minutes before that impact, a blue car whizzed past the junction we were supposed to come out from so fast that I thought to myself, Thank God we weren't speeding. because we would have ran into that car and It would have been fatal. Barely had that thought left my mind that we collided with the boy.
They guy gave him some money to compensate him for the pepper( and hopefully save him from his mums wrath) even though he didn't have to, as everyone agreed that it wasn't his fault.
And we continued our journey. Lol and he dropped me off at home.

So yep! I am very thankful to God.
Feel free to share your testimonies too. A testimonies link will be up at the top.
I feel that testimonies encourage other people and also pleases God.
Do you agree?

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