My Unexpectedly Purposeful 2015

Yay! 2015 is almost gone. Just some hours left. It was good to me, but I am not sad to say Goodbye to it.
I mean, how else do I access the goodies that God has tucked away into 2016 if I don't let 2015 go.
2015 was a lot of things, but majorly it was for me the year of the Unexpected.

You see, a few years ago when I decided to hand over my life (and every other struggle I had) to Jesus Christ, I decided to spend every New Year's Eve in my Church and usher in the new year there.
This was as opposed to my previous practice of spending it in the comfort of my room ( not such a bad idea) but i felt the need to fellowship with other believers, and besides my church always has an awesome Cross over service.

During the Cross Over Service last year/this year, a word of knowledge came for me.
"This year I shall do both the expected and the unexpected" .

And for some reason, the "unexpected" part struck a chord in me and within me.
I couldn't help wondering what exactly that meant. I mean, I knew what I expected for the then new year, but I couldn't help but wonder what it was that I wasn't expecting that God was going to do and which he apparently was going to do.
I thought peharps it had to do with Marriage, a new job, or money or something.

I conveniently forgot about his words in Isaiah 55:8.
"For my thoughts are not your thoughts, neither are your ways my ways, saith the LORD."

My thoughts were not his thoughts indeed.
Turns out that the "unexpected" was about my purpose, my writing and teaching Ministry. As at Early 2015,  I didn't even know I had a teaching Ministry.
I never expected it. Lol. I mean, i had always written stuff, had a blog, but nothing similar to what you are reading now.
The unexpectedness blew me away because if you were me, you wouldn't have expected it either.
(i bet you are tired of the word unexpected already lol).

You see, This time last year (December 2015) I had only joined the Sanctuary Department of my Church just because it seemed as if God wanted me to work for him by all means and wasn't taking NO for an answer.
I had tried to dodge it for a while, and by all means but God wasn't having it. So after one of my favorite pastors was used by God to convince me, I joined the Sanctuary Dept of my Church a bit grudgingly.

"Are you happy now" a part of me wanted to say to God. "I have joined a department Oh".
 (so sorry Lord, I was such an ungrateful somebody).
I chose Sanctuary not out of any special leading of the Holy Spirit or any zeal to clean the Church but simply because it seemed the least stressful of all the Departments in my Church and the people there seemed very trendy and hip (I was a very unserious sister) and looked like they wouldn't get on my case.
I also figured I would find my footing there and test the "working for God" waters till I was sure of the next step. The aftermaths of that decision was one i couldn't have forseen. But it had a domino effect which i would talk about later in a separate post.

 Suffice it to say that If anyone had told me that come December 2015, I would have a defined Writing and Teaching Ministry, get revelations from Holy Spirit about my purpose in life and in the Church of God ,be a Teacher in my Church ( as in, you need to know how shy I am and used to hate dislike talking to large number of people, not to talk of teaching them and having all of them focus their attention on me), finish three classes in my church.( for some perspective and to know how lazy I was, I took the first class in 2011 and promptly decided that I had "tried", refused to join a group in my church so that I wouldn't be accountable to anyone or standard or stress myself for God in any way yep! I was that unserious) I would tag that person a liar. A big fat liar.
I mean, had he or she met the old me? Smh.

But here I am today to the glory of God.
Just FYI, I love you Father. And I am so very grateful to you for the year 2015 and all I learnt.
I thank you for being so very patient with me all the time when I hesitated to do your work.

Another unexpected thing was God helping to break long time, stubborn and deep soul ties with my ex.
Honestly, again I didn't expect foresee it.
But that's another topic on its own.  This post has given birth to two already. Lol.
I tend to write long posts but I don't want to bore you so I guess would write about it real soon.
Watch this space lol.

I wish you guys a Happy New Year in advance.
Don't forget to pray your way into 2016.
Tell God what YOU WANT for 2016. He is listening. 
Jesus loves you.

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  1. Talk about the God of surprises...
    When we think the external stuff, money, job, etc, He goes, "oh I have got better for you than that!"
    I am so thankful for your life Esther!

    See the broken ones, we are God's!
    Messed up ones are for Him! He does things that confound the wise even through those ones.

    Waiting to read the next post(s) with full gist(s) *winks*

    And oh, the church unit thing is me this year oh. I know I have to join one and SERVE in Church, God help me..

    1. My dear. He always has plans better than what we can ever imagine.
      And they are always good plans.
      Thanks. Happy for me too.
      Pls join as soon as possible. I know you are already working for God in so many other ways but the church where you are being fed spiritually is also important.
      I am certain that you will be pleasantly surprised. Absolutely certain.


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