Now! Your first reaction to the above question might probably be NO! Lol.
After all, you may be the shy or busy or discreet type. Or even a melancholic person like me who is okay in her own company.
But you know what, it's entirely possible to be all of these things and still talk a little too much.
Even I didn't know too that I talked too much until earlier this year when the Holy Spirit started imprinting on me the need to be circumspect and talk less.
Pic from pexels

So how to know if you are talking too much? Let's delve in.

1) When you disclose your dreams to everybody.

When kids worship

The above picture of Samara, a five year old Nigerian pastor's daughter in deep worship has been trending and I must say I am intrigued. 

My five year old self ( wait! What am I saying) even my twenty year old sef could never have worshipped God so intently. Lol.  Don't mind me. I didn't even know God well , how much more worship him.


Hi guys!

Now! Imagine my surprise when last week I came across This post on Linda Ikeji's blog. Basically, a
Ghanaian female TV co host stated that her unnamed pastor..coughs....sorry tis the weather...supported the idea of taking a peek at the intended husband's private parts before marriage. You know " look at it to be sure you can live with the size". Lol.

Clears throat.

Proud to be called "old fashioned"

Some days back, I was doing my blog rounds.
 Wait! Did you think it was only Doctors and nurses that did rounds. You were wrong, my friend. Yours truly has her list of  blogs she ehm....passes through every day. Much like a doctor, I read, I check, observe any new changes, look through previous notes  posts, observe, analyse and finally make recommendations comments.


Ten reasons why you should date and marry a Christian

Dating or courting as a Christian is interesting.

One would think there would be no drama, but alas! The reverse is the case.
And by dating, i don't mean dating casually and having sex like the world. I mean being clearly led by God to someone else with the intention of marrying them.

Before I became born again, my spec ( specifications) as regards the guys I dated were simple.
He has to be Fine, fine, and fine ( don't blame me, who no like better thing ) with something upstairs (as in intelligent) a bit older , a little of a bad boy, and I had to feel attracted to him.

Some of my favorite blogs ( pt 1)

So the thing is I love to read and write.
But I looooooove to read more than I love to write. And if you blog, that may not be such a good thing because the people you are reading WROTE, which basically means that if they didn't write, then what would I ( and you) read. Lol.

Having said that, the past few days  or weeks ( who is counting) lol, you would think I have been offline. But no! I have been online more than ever. Reading and re reading my favorite blogs and discovering some more.
And I would love to share some of them with you.  In no particular order oh, just as they pop into my mind, here they are.
This here is Adewale Aladejana's blog. If you are a frequent visitor to this blog, you would have come across some of his posts. He is such a nice guy and he is an awesome, Holy Spirit filled blogger.
Check him out, his posts are inspiring, some of them his personal experiences, some are fictionally spiritual lol. If you want to what that means, check him out.


So I dated a cult guy

Yep! Today is memory lane day. Lol.
Ok lemme confess, I am in the office and very very bored. Hence this post. 

Isn't it amazing when you look back at the past and all the shenanigans and compare it to your now as a Christian who knows exactly what to look out for in a man.

Anyway this was ages ago. Long long long ago! 
Anyway you read that right! Yep! I have dated a cult guy before.
More than one sef to be strictly honest.  And in my defense I didn't know he was one when I started dating him oh and even after we broke up. I was a * jambito, and he was the first boyfriend I had in the university.

Waiting for the Promise

Hi Guys! Isn't it just weird that today is the last day of June? I mean July starts tomorrow.

This months be running really fast. And giving somebody food for thought. Like Chai! Starts counting Fingers.
January! February! March! April! May! June! How did the months fly by so fast? And what exactly have I been up to sef? Lol.
One thing for sure is that I have been sort of MIA this month. And I apologize. Sometimes my head ain't quite in the right place or mood to write even secular stuff, how much more something as important to me as this blog. #sniff.

So, one thing struck me recently. The time between the verbal promise of God and its fulfillment.
Think about it or even imagine it.
You need a car, and you go meet your dad. And after a few times of your requests, he finally gives that word. Yes! I will buy you a car. The most wonderful car there is. It will serve you and your generations. People will be in awe of your car.
And you are like......fist bump! Yes!yes!👊🏾. Because that word he said is the koko. Lol.

Lost and Found

Soooo, as I mentioned in my last post, I had a baffling month.
If you haven't read it you can catch up and read it Here. And I mentioned that one of the stuff that happened was my brothers fiancée basically didn't hear from him and said he was missing..

 Lol. In case you are wondering how that happened, let's just add a paranoid girlfriend in one country, me in one country and my brother in another.
None of us were in the same country. You can see why an unreachable phone line and incommunicado fiancé can lead to confusion.

I decided to see the funny side of it, ( it wasn't funny at the moment, only later) which is why I didn't want to lump it in with the Last post.

So I put on my phone that Saturday morning only to get a message from my brother's fiancée. And believe me when I say I don't pray for anyone to ever wake up to such a message.

S2C's Upandan- Rebuking the devourer

So sorry guys that I have been MIA.
Honestly it wasn't planned. The past one month has been sorta baffling and stressful.
As in lots of stuff happened.
My neighbor died, my brothers fiancée declared him missing ( serious! as in police got involved) but I will talk about that later. 
The devourer had it in for me both mentally, emotionally and physically.
I was just overwhelmed.
Thank God for his faithfulness.

My mum fell ill. As in mysteriously ill. It started like play like play. A touch of fever, touch of cold, and all sorts. I mean nothing too extraordinary. This went on for a week.




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